#OperationWater Come home to the lighthouse within Part (6 of 7) Hero Family Lunch


Come home to the lighthouse within

Part (6 of 7) Hero Family Lunch

Later during the day back at the lighthouse the Hero family was enjoying their family lunch that they always had together at 12 noon totally unaware of what Faulconer was up too.

Art and the twins

Were all riding high

Even Mr. Hero

Had a twinkle in his eye.

Right then, there was a knock at the door and none of the Hero’s had an idea what they all had in store.

Vargas sent a messenger that said they were on a list and it went a little something like this.


Some list are real lucky,

Some list are for fun,

Some people want to be on a list

Yet this just ain’t the one.

Thank you for your hard work,

Thank you for your glee,

You need to leave your home now,

So my view will be more FREE.

Because you are good citizens

And good followers of me,

I’ll give you some time to move,

You must get out by three.


Imagine the surprise

To the Hero family.

How could this happen?

On this amazing day?

At first they were in

Deep deep shock,

Little words

And Little Talk.


Then Mrs. Hero started to count her blessings and as she discovered this was chance to make the Hero’s  stronger.

This is a sad possibility

And we have a chance

To still be Free.


Is in our Heart,

It been this way

Right from the start.

We are family,

We are home,

This moves with US

We set the tone.


Mrs. Hero paused as she and her family took in the emotions of this moment along with you and your community.


In your own way think and feel about all the people in your life that love and support you.


Next, Mr. Hero sprung into actions…

The clock is ticking

We must act fast,

Our time in this house

Will not last.

We will need help

Our time is short,

We need a little

Community Support.

Ismael my son

Here is your role,

Run through the town

Like your out of control.


Let people know

We need help now,

With a little bang

And a little pow.

As you run

Create a SPARK,

Lift this moment

From the DARK.

Only one intention

We can’t deny,

Bring us community

That we can rely.


While your gone

We’ll organize,

To raise the bar

For help us rise.

Run now son,

Show your power,

See you HERE

Back in an hour.

With no delay Ismael was off to summons community support at the lighthouse while his family organized.


In your own way on a sheet on a separate sheet of paper draw a picture of Ismael running around the town of Horseshoe.


#OperationWater is fueled by Solutions of Love and Hope to give homeless people a chance.


We Engage We Partner and We Empower Sustainable Solutions for homelessness in and out of the homeless community…


Check out the book that started it all

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