How would Dirk Diggler use Social Media for Social Change?

How would Dirk Diggler use Social Media for Social Change?
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Have you ever seen the movie Boogie Nights…a story about a porn star played by Mark Wahlberg. A story about a man of modest means who tried to free himself in the porn industry Morals aside I believe he fall short. I believe because of his arrogance his success was making him delusion and others around me. This is what frustrates me about most Self Help in a Nutshell “Adversity is Character and Here is how you avoid adversity.” Because of lack of aligning with the vibration of Humility most of our leaders including you and I fall short of turning that adversity into a character. I think and feel it goes like this bad something happens to us and we draw on energies Humility, Vulnerability and Compassion. And this energies help us go with and get out of the way and shortly we are afraid to acknowledge the power of these energies in Good Times and Bad…
What does this have to do with Social Media?
Because in real time we can share what we are going through to rise above the Bullshit potentially reaching almost anyone in the world in this two degrees of separation….
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