Come home to the lighthouse within Part (4 of 7) Breakfast with the Hero’s


Come home to the lighthouse within



Part (4 of 7) Breakfast with the Hero’s

Still blissful from his morning welcome from the twins Art made his way to the family breakfast.

Although Art was hopeful

He still had some doubt

A little case of the calm

before THE Shout.

The twins were excited

In addition to Art

If you’re keeping score

What a mighty fine Start?

Mom Still looks average

Dad still does too

Looking at Ismael

He is ready to brew.


Part of my family

Needs to find the right page,

Lets start with Dad

It is time to engage.

Then Art Said

“Hey Dad, what is your plan for the day?”

And Mr. Hero Said

Just work at the lighthouse

Average at best,

I find it quite boring

I don’t feel so blessed.

Art replied with a question that came straight from his heart.

“Average at Best, well what will you do?”

And Mr. Hero Said,


I help the days travelers

Steer through the fog

And hazardous Reef,

When Danger is present

I bring them relief.

A Safe Harbor is the goal

This lighthouse is the key,

To signal the ships

That travel the sea.

Right then and now, Art became grateful and a little bit sad that he forgot that he had an amazing dad.

Art said to is dad in these exact words

My Dad found his calling

My Dad plays his role,

Creates a Safe Harbor

A mighty fine soul.


Lots of fine families

Have made it back home,

Because of your guidance

On this sea they roam.

It seems more than average,

Or what do I know?

What is average today

Surely can GROW.


After breakfast Mr. Hero went upstairs to work with a pep in his step which is a mighty fine perk.


In your own way on a separate piece of paper draw a picture something that stands out in this part of the book.


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