#OperationWater Come home to the lighthouse within Part (5 of 7) Faulconer In Action


Come home to the lighthouse within

Part (5 of 7) Faulconer In Action

The Hero family was unaware that an evil plan was brewing across the wonderful town of horseshoe at the house of Faulconer. Let’s join Faulconer the Villain as he sings to his favorite person in the mirror and we all know who that is.

I am Faulconer the Villain,

Leading the young and old

Leader of the weak

Not a leader of the bold.

I can keep a secret,

That the people do not know,

Power is in COMMUNITY,

If community is to GROW.

Let’s keep this a secret,

For the people to never know,

They won’t need my leadership

And I will have to GO.


I bet that you are wondering,

How does this Villain Sleeps at night?

When I am so evil and I’m doing nothing right?

Here is just one more secret

And if the people knew they’d make me pay

I am always sleeping,


Fear is my one weapon

Like a trophy on the shelf,

I am good at being scary

Because I am scared myself.

What EVIL should I spread today?

What evil will I measure?

Keep the sheep in the flock

So i can have more treasure.


Let me look out my window,

To find a dragon I can slay,

Creating a Solar Eclipse

For this bright and shinny day.

Look at my large view

Of the sea and the shore,

Blocked by that big lighthouse

That has just made me quite sore.

I have an idea,

To put my leadership to the test,

Striking fear in this community,

A community “Average at Best.”

In the lighthouse lives the Hero family,

Who really respect my strength and power,

To show them my appreciation,

They must be out in the third hour.


In your own way on a separate piece of paper draw a picture of the Faulconer the Villain expressing his evil plan.


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