2.4 Social Change “MAKE IT RAIN”

2.4 Social Change “MAKE IT RAIN”

“We are constantly being astonished at the amazing discoveries in the field of violence.

But I maintain that far more undreamt of and seemingly impossible discoveries will be

made in the field of nonviolence.” —Gandhi

Like I was saying earlier, when I was growing up they said that in the future, “We wouldn’t

need to work so much because of computers”. Now that the future is here, we have

more and more people working while being less efficient. Because of technology, we

are more connected than ever with oceans and seas of knowledge are only a point and

click away. This sounds great. So why aren’t we able to become more efficient and put

some of the problems of old behind us forever? I feel it can be as simple as adopting

the organic process of distillation to create a Social Media Campaign to create Social

Media Assets for your company or organization.

Here is how it works: Distillation has been an essential part of nature since the earth

began which is a great opportunity for us to align with it. This is how it works the heat of

the sun evaporates water from the earth’s surface into the atmosphere, leaving impurities

behind. As the vapor cools, it condenses and falls back to earth as rain, snow or other

forms of precipitation.

Evaporation- Many times, the birth of an idea comes from conflict, pain or loss. Most

social change is born from deep suffering of someone that loves someone more than

themselves. As life happens to us, there is a time that we wake up for a higher calling of

inspiration to create a better world. Stepping out of our comfort zone to dig deep to

create something beyond all expectations; just think of being inspired by anger created

by a loss, combined with a deep level of love which evolves into a powerful level of

compassion. Your compassion or the passion of your clients or employees is one of the

most intense and powerful emotions for getting things done in the world.

Condensation- Is the act of condensing which in this situation we can represent getting

our ducks in a row waiting for a shift. With technology today, we can research lots of

information and bring all the right people together in days that would have taken years in

the past. Condensation also represents waiting for the time to launch, not forcing things,

but understanding that everything will happen in good time. Ideas are able to breath

and stay alive by collaborating and meshing ideas without trying to reinvent the wheel.

Precipitation- After condensation, lots of companies and people get stuck over

thinking and waiting for that perfect time to launch. Once it is time to launch, let it rain

and go with the flow. Don’t be afraid of making the wrong moves because being stuck is

the worst thing that you can do. This rain, aka social change, creates something that can

heal the world for all of us.

For companies to continue to create Social Media Assets, we need to repeat the

distillation process. Over the years, lots of companies and ideas have been organically

launched and they get stuck and start to die because they aren’t willing to evolve. In the

beginning, they were able to benefit from organic growth, and as companies become

less lean they get stuck. Being stuck causes us to make bad decisions and force us to

protect what we feel we are entitled. Companies that are afraid to make the shift aren’t

surviving in today’s world.

Right now take some time in your own way to think about the changes that are doing

on collectively worldwide and How Social Media is a big part of this? This is about

how you can use this distillation process on a larger or smaller scale to transform your

business right now?

What Social Media Assets do you own? What social media assets would you like to

leverage in the near future? And don’t forget to MAKE IT RAIN!!!

Social Media Capital Rating System

Okay, now that we have an idea of the power of Social Media on a global scale, we

need to start to customize it to our direct campaigns. I have designed this to help you to

get the most out of social media and it is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. List your Social Media Capital

2. Rate them on a scale from 0 to 5, 5 being the highest.

3. Based on this information, ask yourself where would you like to spend most of your

focus? Which 1 or 2 would you like to increase your rating, right now? With this in

mind what is the next logic first step?

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