2.1 Evolution and Influence

2.1 Evolution and Influence

“We are all an evolution of Albert Einstein, Gandhi and all of the great leaders.”

Stephen T. Jones

Okay, at this point you are probably thinking that I have lost it, but all I am asking you is

stay with me a minute. Right now I invite you to ask yourself thought provoking questions

that could possibly be the best business question you have ever asked.


the social networks for social change?

Because of the social networks societal evolution, is not just a generation to generation

thing. It is happening worldwide in small patches of brilliance. This being said, I believe

corporations can and should leverage this organic formula to create profits through

social change. Whether you are into social change, or not you will find value in this

journey we are embarking on.

Most of us say that we believe that “everything happens for a reason”. What most of us

really believe is that everything happens to everyone else for a reason. Based on the

current corporate model that most of us are operating on, we only want to draw from

positive experiences and all too often this blinds us from the full story. If we are able to

draw from positive and negative experiences from you, us and others we will be able

to make things happen a lot faster. Just acknowledge that all experiences happen for a

reason opens a vortex of options and opportunities for us to pick and choose from.

I can remember a short time ago when I made a mistake and lost my main URL for a site

that I had been branding for two and a half years. Although I had bitched, complained

and tortured myself for a couple weeks this turned out to be one of the best things that

ever happened to me. Being forced to let go of that help, me to receive something

that was far greater. It was actually the same vision, it was just supersized and more


Now I invite you to ask yourself… What negative influences have influenced you in a

good way? Which dark experiences have helped you see the light at the end of the


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