Gifts of a Child by Jedi Steve

I believe that we come into this world with certain gifts and tools to achieve our purpose in this lifetime. Most of us repress these gifts by the time we reach adulthood. But as a child we’re told countless times Quit Day Dreaming… Quit Playing Around… Quit Asking Why… Quit Being so Emotional, etc. And we ask children questions like; Why can’t you make a decision? Why are you going so slow? And my favorite, What are you thinking?

The older I get I see more and more that children get it until we try to help them get it. Because most of us rarely get it. You’re probably asking yourself, get what? And the answer is “Get what LIFE is all about.” Please let me guide you through this 7 step process to regain your gifts of a child, KEEP READING!


Gift ONE- Day Dreaming- When is the last time you took a moment to dream about a better life? Take time from your busy schedule to reclaim your life! I love to spend time especially when I don’t have any time, to stare at the clouds in the sky and reconnect with what is important to me. I am not sure what is up there but I like it.


Gift TWO- Childs Play- As adults most of forget how to play and could really benefit from a little playtime. When is the last time you forgot about everything and just played? Playing without RULES…Running, Jumping, Laughing and Dancing all in the name of play. What were the benefits? What parts of your life could use more PLAY? Because LIFE is 4 PLAY!!!


Gift THREE- Power of WHY? – I must admit sometimes I just hate the Why questions, (that’s right I said HATE) but I also see the power of WHY? In order for the humanity to constantly evolve, we need to question the status quo. Living in the status quo is comfortable; everybody seems to know everything about everything. Sounds boring! BE curious like a child about life. Where will this curiosity lead? I BET YOU ARE CURIOUS!!!


Gift FOUR- Emotions are Life in motion – Follow me for a moment… imagine that life is a story. When you experience a story, you want to experience the FULL story, don’t you? So many of us hold our emotions back and are limiting our full experience of life! As a child most of us were taught to control our emotions that lead us to cover up more of our true self. Now is a great time to make a commitment for the whole human experience, ask yourself, Who am I? Am I committed to feeling all that life has to offer?


Gift FIVE- Maybe, Maybe not – Why do we need to plan everything in advance? We are planning stuff so far in advance that we are rarely present during the real experience. I must admit some things need to be planned out in advance such as if you are planning a vacation, you need to book a hotel. But there are also times when you just need to show up without an agenda. Sometimes on my way to my office I end up at the beach, and I forget my towel. My friend Jerome says “and let that be okay.” Are YOU going to your office today? And you say Maybe, Maybe NOT!!!


Gift SIX- Being HERE – Life is magical when we slow it down. No reason to rush, because we are always where we are supposed to be. We don’t always need to be rushing to get there, some unknown place in the future that never is. When we are HERE our true beautiful moments of life start to unfold. Do you think when a 3 year old is playing, they are thinking about anything else. Notice what you are doing right now? Continue to enjoy RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW in this and every moment.


Gift SEVEN- Analyst Cause Paralysis – What usually ruins our everlasting childhood is thinking too much. I bet you are thinking that thinking is important and I can’t argue with that. I believe it’s when we think too much that causes paralysis, which creates fear of taking conscious action. What is the next step? Letting GO of the last ONE…JUST B-R-E-A-T-H and RE-LEASE!!!


Thanks for sharing this time here with me…Take these in and implement them in your life when you feel motivated or inspired.

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