3.4 The 99 cent store is the most expensive store in the world

3.4 The 99 cent store is the most expensive store in the world

“Those who sleep with dogs raise with flies.” Italian Proverb

This is the sub-chapter that got me kicked out of 99 cent stores and alike all over the

world and led me to settle out of court for two dollars and fifty cents. Okay, I just

wanted to start with that cheesy joke and let you know that this is a theory that has been

designed to help you shift the way that you create business on the social networks. I do

believe that the 99 cent store is more expensive than we think and I have put together

the following examples of how the 99 cent mindset could be getting in the way of your


You get what you pay for; over the years I have seen countless businesses cutting

corners to say a buck. It is important to be conscious of why we are saving money

because if this is created out of worry or lack as this usually will lead to the wrong

path, wrong decision or spending too much time making a bad decision. If you really

think about it sometimes we go out of our way to save money, which usually ends up

costing more. Here is an example, when I got the first quote for what has grown to be the quote was $18,000. 2 years later and countless hours of trial

and error, I was able to get it where it is today with an investment of $1,000 dollars. Most

business professionals would say that I saved $17,000.00 and this is only a small part of

the story. To get the full story we need to ask, what opportunities did I miss in two years

of my vision not generating any revenue?

No matter what you’re social media strategy it is important to you set a standard that

gives you the freedom to attract the right people and resources to impact your business.

Take some time in your own way to ask yourself, where have I been cutting corners in my

business? And because of this what opportunities have been lost?

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