2.3 Opening A World Of Imagination

2.3 Opening A World Of Imagination

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Albert Einstein

Just a small tweak of the current Social Media systems will make a world of difference…

As adults, most of us have lost the need or the know-how to tap into our imagination.

I think it is even deeper than that. We have lost sight of the importance of making

imagination part of our lives. I believe we spend most of our time editing ourselves

and others instead of living our lives we are wasting most of our energy editing life. You

could even say EDIT is an acronym for Entering Dreams IntoTrash.

In the last 6 months, I have extremely reduced the need to edit myself, and it has made

me much more efficient. Instead of us just spending of our lives focusing on obstacles

while exhausting energy of how to get around them. We could gain leverage by focusing

the most of our energy on the vision and solution. When I first started sharing an organic

plan I noticed that sharing incomplete ideas, presentations and sub-chapters made me

additionally exposed to criticism. In the past I would have went out of my way to avoid

any additional criticism. I noticed that the more I use this, the more I have started to

welcome criticism. Even though I don’t love it, I see it as a great way to anticipate future

obstacles leveraging others fears. This is important because I believe it is harder to let

go of our own fears. Think of it like you are outsourcing your fears, which will create a

better relationship with you and you. Just think of how much most of us hate critics and

just think of the freedom we could create by reducing criticism of ourselves. I have held

many grudges on many people consciously for year base on a little criticism here and

a little there. If I had to make a choice I would rather hold a grudge with someone else

than myself. Once you get this you may start to welcome criticism with open arms. If you

stay present you will notice that in every criticism there is a key to improve what we are

doing even unproductive criticism can help you let go of anger.

Leveraging this in the work place

With a little customization, this will also work for those of us that have jobs in which

our primary focus is editing. Just remember that the more you edit yourself and others,

the more you run the risk of stepping on creativity. Also remember that having critics

motivates some people, but that doesn’t mean that more is better. Here is a real time

example of the thought process that goes on in my head when I am bouncing between

editing and the freedom of imagination.

I started writing this book 6 months ago and over that time I was writing a sub-chapter

here and a sub-chapter there posting on my blog one at a time with little or no editing.

It wasn’t until two days ago that I was aware that I would be writing a book about

Corporate Social Media and I will be done with this book and start to sell it in less

than a week. You are probably asking me “What took so long?” Instead of searching for

a publisher or someone to edit my work that knew nothing about social media I was

testing and evolving these theories that have turned into Social Media Assets. This way,

it is a lot easier for me to keep my imagination active because I am spending more time

actually being inspired opposed to getting inspired. allows me the freedom to make grammar mistakes and may in

fact look bad to certain people, but that is a risk I am willing to take. Then, when I am

ready to package up a concept, I pay someone to edit my work after it is done and they

just make the changes to make the learning experience more comfortable. In addition to

this this Organic Model also turned into the launch of Publishing

(A viral Chicken Soup for the Soul on steriods) that we are creating a fundamental

process to leverage the freedom of a small publishing company and the push of a large

publishing company.

By outsourcing most the editing and criticism this helps reduce unnecessary conflict.

Letting go of the editing is hard at first and you may be surprised how soon you grow to

like it. We will always need critics it is part of being human. In the meantime, ask yourself,

what am I gonna do with all this FREE time? Now that is some great time management!!!

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