1.1 Television (TV) vs. Computer by Jedi Steve

1.1 Television (TV) vs. Computer

Most of us don’t realize it, but the home television has been around for just as long as the

computer. I am not talking about the personal computer, as that wasn’t developed until

much later. More importantly, we are really starting to see and understand the impact of

personal computers and the freedom they allow us. Nowadays it’s much easier to level

the playing field to compete against the big guys. In order to do this, we must learn a

distinction between the two. First, we have the TV, which is passive. and is something we

have little control over. We’ve adapted ourselves to watching television with a conscious

or sub-conscious filter. This filtering enables us to have a life outside of TV because with

less dimensions engaged, we clearly see it as something external, which it is. Second,

we have the personal computer which has multiple dimensions, more decisions and far

more reach. This interaction can cause us to think that we have more control, which is

true. However, it also can be destructive without a system or filter in place.

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