What are the performance benefits of a healthy gut for Students and Professionals?  And how do emotionally balanced gut decisions contribute to Individual and organizational efficiency?  

What are the performance benefits of a healthy gut for Students and Professionals?  And how do emotionally balanced gut decisions contribute to Individual and organizational efficiency?  

‘Follow your guts’ is a famous phrase that has long been a subject of scientific and social debate. While some people argue that relying on your guts is misleading and illogical, others believe that developing healthy guts is hugely advantageous to our personal and professional lives.

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Research by the Florida state university indicates that following our guts can prevent us from making mistakes.  Also, the results of the IAAP survey on how often professionals make decision based on their gut; suggest that the majority of professionals actually rely on their guts.

We all have at one point, or another followed the voice of our instinct in making a decision, and for some, it just comes unconsciously while others have consciously built their subconscious always to proffer solutions.

Benefits of a healthy gut

Following your guts can be hugely beneficial and even help avert unwanted situations; here are a few benefits of following your guts

Quick and better decision making

Studies have shown that decisions made based on healthy guts feeling or intuition are likely to yield better results than decisions based on rational and analytical approach. Sometimes we are caught up in a situation where we do not have the luxury to start analyzing and over thinking our choices; in such circumstances, our best option is to follow our gut instinct. 

The corporate system in the world today is such that intuition is highly discouraged notwithstanding, some of the top executives and leaders have admitted to following their guts in making certain big decisions. If they were not successful, they would not be where they are.

It helps to build confidence and self-esteem

If you want to develop self-confidence, learn to follow your guts; and if you’re going to learn to take on tasks more confidently, learn to rely on your guts. Work pressure and deadlines can take a toll on our confidence level, making us feel incapable and jittery, which is bad for self-esteem. Trust me, the moment you begin to lose self-esteem, you become less productive, and that would be the beginning of a career descent.

Promotes creativity

We cannot talk about creativity without reference to the role of intuition, and in the same vein, we cannot separate creativity from successful professionals. Some of the most creative people in the world are highly intuitive people, and some of the best professionals are highly creative people. Following our guts builds the mind and helps us become more creative over time.

Helps you become more sensitive

What your gut tells you, is mostly right. Often, people’s actions do not depict their words, which can be quite misleading in our relationship with them.  Using your intuition enables you to sense when things are not okay with a client or co-worker and even family and friends. This feeling gives you an insight into the possible problems and enables you to take the right action or approach.

Increased self-awareness

Scientific research suggests that our intuitive decisions and actions are a representation of our true selves. The gut instinct is born from our subconscious, and it depicts our inner desires, wants, and feelings, which help us become more self-aware.

Increased productivity

Developing healthy guts is a sure way to becoming more productive. In the words of Michael, a top CEO in the real estate sector, “I love to follow my guts instinct because it saves me the time and stress of overthinking a decision enabling me to achieve more and trust me my guts never fail me.” Using your guts can help reduce the bureaucratic process in the corporate world.

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