#SDSU #LizzyandME Part 9 “Deeper in the Darkness”

Lizzy and Me

Part 9 “Deeper in the Darkness”

Just right now let us Join Lizzy, As she follows The Freedom Butterfly into a crack in a cliff just big enough to fit Lizzy’s whole body.

What started as a crack
Transformed into a narrow cave,
Deeper in the Darkness
How is she so brave?

As Lizzy goes Deeper
There is little little air,
Deeper in the Darkness
Grows and Grows despair.

Where did the butterfly wonder?
Where did the butterfly go?
Will this path lead to freedom?
Will I find my glow?

Questions upon questions
To illuminated her Sixth-Sense,
A Stronger Deeper Power
And end to this suspense.

Right then in this moment
She connected with her core
Deeper in the Darkness
Deeper than ever before.

Lessons from the Love Ninjas
A sisterhood love bunch
A return to conscious breathing
To fuel our natural hunch.

Right Now, join Lizzy in a conscious breath of compassion to help her find her way….

#SDSU #LizzyandME is dedicated to ending sexual violence for Women, Children and Sexual Minorities….

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