#SDSU #LizzyandMe Ode to the feminine

Becoming a part of #SDSU #LizzyandMe is as easy as 1 2 3…

1. ENGAGE- Notice something Beautiful about a stranger and jot it down on a napkin. It can be in the form of art, a poem or a complement the secret is to not expect anything in return.

2. INVITE- Without introducing yourself hand it to them and say some like “you inspired this poem this morning.” And then walk away. This is a little creepy but it helps make an impact.
3. EMPOWER- This will create mystery and give them the opportunity to look inside to think if what this stranger said was true. I have had the chance to finally meet people years later and they tell me they still have the napkin.

#SDSU #LizzyandMe is about taking our communities back and standing up for what is right in the world. No longer will the people remain quiet; we will shout it from the rooftops and our highest peaks until our voices, their voices, are heard.

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