Bob Marley Parties Viral Marketing Billboards vs BOB BUZZ!!!

Bob Marley Parties Viral Marketing
Billboards vs BOB BUZZ!!!

Experience the power of brand-boosting with the Bob Marley Viral Marketing Formula!

Recently we were referred a lucrative brand that was having trouble attracting venues for their multiple successful artists. Immediately my team discovered the artist were getting thrown out of rhythm dealing with typical business culture. From there we leveraged our Compassion Campaign Formula (CE+H+C)= CC to help our team assess where you were and figure out where you want to be.

Part of our Suggestions and Recommendations for them was to partner with us to leverage Cannabis Billboard money to fund their tour. Lots of Cannabis brands love Billboards which makes no sense because they are Costly and Untrackable although I hear they were Very Cool in the 1950’s.

As your Preferred Partner we consistently attend Cannabis Conventions we generating Game Changing Leads to leverage billboard money free up the artist to be there own executive producer. You’d think this would be easy for artist as success as them…but lots of artists are wasting too much time & energy dealing with vampire business professionals and producers and that’s where we come in. Standing out for you by Leveraging our CBD MON COMIC a revolutionary story and even better High Tech/High Touch marketing tool.

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