3.1 The ABC’s of Social Media

3.1 The ABC’s of Social Media

About 15 year ago, I heard a quote somewhere that really stuck with me “A students teach

B Students to work for C students.” In the last 3 years I started to realize how important is

was to think and act like an A, B or C student depending on the situation. In addition to

this, it is important that we are able to embrace other roles as part of the bigger picture.

All three of the roles have pros and cons and for this sub-chapter I want to communicate

how we can leverage mostly the pros as it pertains to Corporate Social Media.

A Students-Generally A Students are good at setting rules and/or following them. This is a

great way to add structure to the chaos of social media. A Students are accountable and

when they have clear and define goals they show up consistently to make things happen.

The challenge for them is to avoid trying to learn everything about something that will be

changing in a few months. If this is the case, when managing an A Student let them know

going in that this process is temporary and it is important that they put this in their short

term memory.

B Students- Generally B Students are a bridge to between different personalities they are

well rounded always thinking short and long term. B students are great at filling gaps to

make sure that the team is always flowing towards accomplishment. B Students are able to

wear many hats and manage others to thrive in their role. B Students are at their best when

they are more focused on engaging the team with a more hands free approach. The best

way to take care of this is good solid selection of the right employees or team members

while using the right incentives.

C Students- Generally, C Students are creators, and catalyst with a make it happen now

attitude. More action, less planning. The more they plan, the more mistakes they make

because frustration sets in without a short term goal in the near future. Feel free to keep

them in the dark on certain things until it is ready for action, or if you want to pick their

brain on how to simplify the process. This chaos when harnessed in the right manner

they can be very powerful especially when it comes to the social networks.

Right now in your own way ask yourself, which role is my primary role? Which other roles

complement my business practice? What roles am I seeing flowing better inside and

outside of my business model? How can I leverage this experience to generate revenue

and create Social Media Assets now?

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