How would Che Guevara use Social Media for Social Change?

How would Che Guevara use Social Media for Social Change?


I’m not a fan of Che…but I think we can learn both positive and negative from him…

Did you know that Che Guevara was in medical school when he started being a revolutionary…

He saw his people suffering and he woke up…

And like lots of Protestors and Revolutionaries…

The start with good intentions and slowing transform into what they are fighting..and sometimes worse.

Albert said it best “We can’t solve a problem on the same consciousness that created it.”

When Nelson Mandela was arrested he was traveling to get some Terrorist Training. Good Luck Bad Luck? Maybe he needed 27 years in prison to get out of the way to transform the world we live in.

Bob Marley died at 36 and maybe just maybe outside of the One Love, Redemption Song and Could you be love an older Bob could of been very violent.

Is world Polarization bring out the worst in you?

Or is that contrast causing you to “Open your eyes and look within?”

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