The wealth of Social Media Time Management by Stephen T. Jones

Like most of my sub-chapters I am writing this me as much as you. I believe that this will like most of my post I will write it to bring this organic vision to the surface and than revisit is occasionally to be reminded of the concept here and there. This is designed to organically lead you and it is up to you to figure out how to use this in your own business. Recently after seeing a sign on one of the college campuses that I am launching a project on the sign says “Entrepreneur Management Center.” Although I bet they have some great resources I believe that a real entrepreneur can be lead but never managed. Actually the more evolved we become as entrepreneurs we become better leaders and not as good managers. Entrepreneurs are paid to make thing happen and if we manage someone that gets paid by the hour it can leave us uninspired, get in the way of other projects and get in the way of us manifesting all the pieces (people, companies, technologies, resources, etc.) to make things happen.

Recently I learned that I was raised to be a renaissance man and I woke up a few months ago and I learned that it wasn’t the renaissance. Just because you have a certain skill it doesn’t mean you have to use it or train someone to do it. Yes it is important to use our gifts but it is also important to let them evolve into something bigger and better. I think what is missing in a lot of entrepreneur is the skill of “doing nothing” or “letting it happen” which is the best way to find a solution for your team. Just think if someone on your team comes up with a solution they are more inclined to stay with it. What an entrepreneur is in alignment this is how a lead a manager.


YOU: How is the project going?


YOUR PROJECT MANANGER: Explanation, Explanation, Explanation


YOU: Have you had any challenges?




YOU: If YES, Have you tried this? Or I am sure you will come up with a solution.


YOU: If NO, Good work, are there any improvements you would like to make?


YOUR PROJECT MANANGER: How about if we…Explanation, Explanation, Explanation


YOU: I LOVE that, can you make that happen?




YOU: Make it happen, I am taking the rest of the day off shoot me an e-mail if you have any big questions so I can answer them first thing in the morning or later tonight.


Exchanges like these are crucial to empower the people around you to make things happen. Thank you for reading this and we look forward to your continued contributions.  


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