Over the last year I have learned that you can’t have real sustainable change without embracing Chaos, Organized Chaos and Order. Once we get this life really starts to get interesting to experience a deeper understanding lets talk about the model for Batman and Gotham City. If you can remember the batman series there are three primary parts to this model.



First we have the Order of the Gotham City police department which is only happy when the status quo is maintained.


Second, we have Chaos which is the crime syndicate that is always in a battle with the police because of this I always thought of Chaos was always bad. Now I look at it like this Chaos and order work in tandem with each other you can’t have one without the other. When either becomes a problem is when they are forced expecting everyone and everything to be primarily Order or Chaos.


Third, we have the key ingredient Organized Chaos which is Batman because of his past tragedy he has been able to stay calm in adverse situations. Like clock work he is able to create an organic formula to discover the clues to find order in chaos.


I am sure you find this pretty interesting but the most important this is what we take from this. It is important to know when you and others around you are in Chaos, Order or Organized Chaos. If you are able to observe the three, embrace the three and dance with the challenges them bring you this will really impact your life. What is your primary role? Do you find yourself wasting lots of time trying to bring people into your world? Which of the areas are you lacking in? Can you think of any examples of when you were able to embrace the three roles? What was the result?


Change is inevitable and you don’t need to like it just embrace it.


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