3.3a Transparent Communication

3.3a Transparent Communication

Because of the reach of internet video, especially Youtube, it is important to leverage

transparent communication. If we forget to engage, and we try to control our audience,

they will just surf the next wave on the worldwide web. We have all heard the statistics

that words are 7% of communication, voice qualities (voice, tone, pitch, speed) are

38% and physiology or lack thereof is 55%. When I was being trained to be a sales

instructor at Dale Carnegie International Training, they said that when you are congruent

your words, match your voice qualities which match your physiology each part is 33%

which adds up to only 99%. I never gave this much thought until 10 years later, when

I started to think what did this missing percentage represent. And after 2 to 3 years of

testing and contemplation I came up with something that I would like to share with you

to impact your business.

The 1% that I am talking about is transparency, but before we go any further into what

it is, I would like you to understand that the better we are able to leverage the 1%

of communication 99% will fall into place. On the other hand just being transparent

without a good solid delivery is meaningless. With a good solid congruent story

combined with transparency connecting with your audience without hiding the pros or

the cons. The days of the past of us telling people that our company is the best and it

working are dying. In a changing world of two degrees of separation this is impossible

to quantify, and more importantly people hear it all the time and it just seems pushy

even with the purest intentions. Feel the full story, let people know your real personality,

so they accept you for who you are now and in the future. I have learned that the

bonus of some of the videos of people seeing me making mistakes and rolling with the

punches helps them allow me to be more real and transparent.

Now let’s take this opportunity to ask yourself in your own way…Have you been

leveraging video in your business? How can you benefit from more reach? What are

the benefits of telling the full story now? And how will this help me create freedom to

evolve in the near future?

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