3.3b Transparent Communication

About 4 months ago, I met one of my Facebook friends of two years, Trip Wilkins, in

person for the first time. During the conversation he said “I am surprised you have a lot

better energy in person.” Although we had a great conversation, this one piece really

got me thinking and lead to me to coming up with this simple strategy. When it comes to

a social media strategy, we have different forms of communication and it is up to us to

spend our energy with the ones that work best for us. Below I have identified 12 forms

of social media communication with your social media contacts. What I want you to

do is rate yourself from 0 to 5, 5 being the highest and start to have a conversation with

yourself about what is working.


High Tech


Social Media

Audio Pond Cast


Database Newsletter


Video Group Presentations

Chat Rooms

Conference call

Tweets or short post


High Touch

Live One on One

Live Presentations


Conference Booths


Based on this information, which 3 would you like to spend the most amount of your

time with?

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