Drain da Swamp by Black Trump Supporter Kurt Pawn & Gavin Eyes

Uber Woke by Black Trump Supporter Kurt Pawn & Gavin Eyes

Black Trump supporter #KurtPawn come together with Liberal Hipster aka (SJ Warrior) #GavinEyes to Make America Great Again. 


#Bump #BumpBump


See full video on IGTV or 


This is designed to challenge ourselves step out of the noise to create solid heart centered boundaries for a better world. By letting go of BS (Bureaucracy System) first we need to know the evolution of politics. 


  1. Partisan
  2. Bi-Partisan  


  1. Transformational Politics 


Are you just a political pawn on the chess board of life?


Or can we let go of beliefs and influences that no longer serve us? 









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