Is Colin Kaperneck is uppity negro? by Jedi Steve

Colin Kaperneck is uppity negro

5 years ago I stopped calling women girls…

I challenge you…

Not because i was tired of being a dominant male.

Which side are you on?

I challenge you…

It was because I felt this was a thing that lots of us (Men and Women) do without noticing the negative. Maybe this is a narrative that holds us back like calling blacks boy in the past.

I challenge you…to not cave on your ideals

And I challenge you to have Compassion

I believe most of us aren’t racist…

But we have racist muscles, memories and actions….that we all need to let go of.

I am an uppity negro and must races hate uppity negro including Blacks. When do we all consider blacks uppity when they are confident and don’t fit our stereotypes or narratives.

I am confident

I grew up privileged

I love and help black people because I believe black lives matter…

I love and help all people because I believe all lives matter…

I love police but I hate authority sometimes all at the same moment.

I challenge you to stop looking at the world like there are only two sides.

I challenge you to watch this video with compassion

One Love,
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