Compassion for President


You’re probably thinking, Bob’s dead and he isn’t a United States citizen? And Wow Bob Marley would be a Great President!!!

Don’t worry about a thing, We found a loophole. Jedi Steve aka Stephen Jones is a Bob Marley Impersonator and he can be Bob’s Surrogate to follow through on a 30 year promise. 

When Jedi Steve was in college in the late 80’s and early 90’s he had a pick up line for the ladies.

“My name is Stephen Jones and I am running for President in 2024 and right now I am interviewing 1st ladies.”

 Although this never worked it inspired interesting conversations…These young ladies would ask him about his policies? By his own admission most of them shut him down quickly because he had immature ideas like giving people the right to sell their own organs. Or no sand at the beach. He hated dry sand so he wanted the beach to be grass and ocean. Even though he had weird policies he mapped out 2024 because he knew 35 was the minimum age for United States President and he needed lots more skills and accomplishments. And Now here we are in 2024, So Let the Games Begin!!!!

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