Beth Jacobs Congregation

Beth Jacobs Congregation 

I got the police called on me because I was standing out of this Temple and as they said “my people” complained that you were standing out here. Look fool I am part you people I belong to the tribe of one love and instead of taking the high road I am making this a teachable moment. So in about two weeks anytime you Google Beth Jacobs Congregation or any of the Rabbi’s my picture will come up. I find it odd that you stopped me and asked me for my papers because lots of “you people” have fought against shit like this since that asshole Hitler walked this planet.” Not that it should matter anything but I was raised very privileged 3 miles from your temple and I could of got Media to show up to get you fired lucky for you I handle everything with non violent compassion.

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Shabbat Kiddush, Seudah Shlishit,

Betty Meskin,

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