A Simple Guide to the Perfect Storm by Jedi Steve

Recently I went sailing with my dad’s friend Captain Dave and my brother Ron. Based on a lot of things that I am going through, I knew I was up for a spiritual experience. When I am entering a new adventure, I get in the experience and I observe the processes and the rules. I noticed, like with most other experiences, that sailing is packed with a lot of life lessons.

At first when we jumped aboard the sailboat trying to settle in was like learning a new language aweigh, starboard, sole, keel and stern. Most journeys in life like learning a new language or a rule can be a distraction and keep you from fully being in any experience. I believe when entering a new experience that we don’t have to remember everything the first time so we can truly be in the moment. What are you doing to stay in the moment? Are you open or opening to new experiences?

As we were settling in, Captain Dave mentioned that we should put our valuables below because they have a saying at sea, “Shit floats but valuables sinks.” As I was putting my wallet, cell phone and keys below I was thinking that although this makes sense at sea, I am entering a time in my life when I want to be transparent bringing my valuables to the surface. What valuables are you repressing? I think and feel it is time to bring them to the surface!

As we set sail, our motor was running for the first part of the journey. Just like life, when we are entering a new journey of a new day, job, relationship, etc., we need a little extra push. Many of times throughout our journey of life we need a little push or motivation (motor-vation). What new journey are you about to embark on? We can all use a little motor-vation!!!

Moments later, as we were approaching the open sea, another boat was coming from the opposite side on our right and I ask Captain Dave if our boat had the right of way. He said, “They had the right of way because they were sailing without their motor on.” The message to me suggested that when you have a motor you have more control to immediate changes in life. With a sail alone, there is less control, which I believe is the ultimate goal because when you surrender to the winds of life that is where the magic happens. What part of you is holding YOU back? Are you willing to enter the open sea and LET GO?

A short time after that when we reached the open sea I went to the front of the boat to meditate in the sun. As the boat was rocking up and down, down and up, it gave me the opportunity to let go and go with the flow. My impulse was to tighten up but this caused me to have more resistance and made me aware that I needed to let go as you are Right NOW. As I was letting go, my focus went to the twirler that is above the sail post. The twirler lets you know what direction the wind is blowing. As I was focusing on the twirler, I received a message that the twirler was a representation of my inner voice. The way I interpreted this message when we are sailing on the open sea of life is that we need to let go and listen to our inner voice. What is your inner voice telling you? Are you willing to fill your sails with the winds on the open seas of life?

Later on after several breakthroughs, I noticed that when I focused on the waves in the open sea I felt dizzy. So that gave me the message to not focus on primarily on the wave of life or where you are going, but to just be in the journey. We are all perfect the way we are, and it is important to be in the journey of life taking the good with the bad.

On the way back to port, I got the chance to steer this beautiful 54-foot sailboat named the “SEAFARER.” A Seafarer is a traveler of the open sea, being open to new and different experiences. I found the name very inspiring and the messages even more so which helped me feel balanced and refreshed as I was coming back to the land a new man.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me and I look forward to sharing many more in the future. Take time to listen to these messages and as you travel the open sea of life asking yourself, “Where are these decisions likely to lead?”

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