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Over the past 5 years I have created a formula (CE+H+C)=CC called the Compassion Campaign Everything Formula harmonizing Chaos, Organized Chaos (Humility) and Order. This formula has really transformed the life of current and future clients. To get deeper understanding lets have a conversation about the Business Model of Batman. If you can remember the batman series there are three primary parts to this model.

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First we have the Order of the Gotham City police department which is only happy when the status quo is maintained.

Second, we have Chaos which is the crime syndicate that is always in a battle with the police before (CE+H+C)=CC I always thought of Chaos was always bad. Batman 3 Chaos

Now I look at it like this Chaos and order work in tandem with each other you can’t have one without the other. Let’s look at the example of “Spider-Man 3 when Peter Parker into a tale of epic battles, one of the most important being within himself. The ultimate struggle is between his sinful desires and doing what’s heroic and for the good of mankind. A powerful black substance attaches itself to Peter enhancing his strength and agility. It tempts him with greater power than he’s ever had before.” In business somethings when the reach goals (get funding, reach fame) things start to implode. Also we must acknowledge that our ego also causes passiveness and unwillingness to embrace change while holding back the talent around us.
Third, we have the key ingredient Organized Chaos aka Humility which is Batman because of his past tragedy he has been able to stay calm in adverse situations. It is sad that we live in a world that most of us awaken when something bad happens to us and often for only a moment. The adversity that i have experienced on my path has showed me the importance of COMPASSION and I believe that Compassion is the most productive energy in the UNIVERSE…Like clock work Batman is able to use HUMILITY to see the problems of the world and discover the clues that create solutions- Isn’t that what we do as Startups and business professionals?
In your own way ask yourself, Is my ego productive or is it getting the best of me? Am I focused on our my primary role? Do I find yourself wasting lots of time trying to bring people into my world? Are you willing to allow other employees and business partners to be magnificent HERO’s and SHERO’s in your business model? Ask this new Paradigm evolves what will be the best use of my time as my role evolves?

Batman 4 Chaos

Change is inevitable and you don’t need to like it just embrace it.

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